Sunday, July 17, 2011

Starting Your Search

Need Help Tracing Your Roots?

Great Places to Start
Just click on the ANCESTRY banner at the top of this page to get started with a FREE TRIAL or just to look around. No hassles. Check them out! You don't have to start a free trial, just go in and look around. I found a wealth of information on my family there.

Feel free to check out several of the ADS & LINKS on this page. They are there to help you with your search. Check them out its FREE! If you have questions just ask.

Some people (I guess) are afraid to research their family history because they are afraid of what they might uncover (but that's part of the fun). I had a person tell me once that they didn't need to know anyone past their grandparents. I was speechless. How could anyone be content to only know who their grandparents were? I want to know them all, as far back as possible. They were all important and when you think about it, if only one of them had not existed, "We" would not be here today. So "Yes" they do matter...Anyway, back to the point. If you've never tried Ancestry, you really don't know what you are missing. You can't go wrong there. If you have tried them before then maybe you should try again and "differently." Some people (for instance) stick to the specific spelling of a last name when researching only to find (years down the road) that due to vast illiteracy back in history, even many of the census takers could not spell very well. So don't be so specific when looking at name spellings. You'd be surprised what I found just by changing the spelling a bit. (Things that people said were impossible to find, were found!) Also dates may vary (sometimes by several years). Don't let this throw you, there are plenty of good reasons for this and I would be happy to discuss them if you want to send me an email...Also check out some of my favorite links to the right of this post. There are some really great sites there and they are all relatively self explanatory, but if you need me, I'm here...Doesn't it feel good to have someone say I'm here. Not a computer, but a real person who has been researching genealogy for nearly two decades. I'm here so ask away. If I can help I'd be glad to. If you need research done, we can handle that too! Drop me a line today just to say hello or to get started!