Brick Wall Ancestors

Have you looked in the right places?

People usually say I've tried everywhere, I don't think so. Look through my pages today and check out the links and the ads for FREE SEARCHES! Some of them contain Billions of names and I'm sure some of them you have never tried. So give it a shot today! If you see a site you've never checked out before, check them out you can't go wrong, they're free to try and I think you will find them very helpful. Give it a shot, you've got nothing to lose!

Cyndi's List is Awesome as well. Can be a bit overwhelming because of the vast amount of information available. But if you need help, just ask. Send me an email!

Family Search is also Amazing and one of my favorite sites. If you know how to use the site properly you would be in awe of their collection, but it does take some practice because again they have so much.

Still having trouble? Let me take a crack at those Brick Wall Ancestors! Research available (small fee). Questions answered daily! Post those comments! Ask questions! We love it!